Getting started

This guide will introduce you the basics of working with PARME.

Before we get started, make sure you have a running installation of PARME. PARME is easy to deploy. You can deploy PARME Compliance Box on your own servers or cloud infrastructure, or you can let PARME take care of the hosting and management in our cloud.

1. PARME concepts & architecture


PARME is a powerful consent solution by experts in the protection of personal data. With PARME, you can offer the same controls on personal data to your users worldwide, instead of favoring users in the European Union (where the GDPR actually applies). The key features provided by PARME Compliance Box are the following:

  • Privacy policy Notice management
  • Self-Service Request Portal
  • Access and manage activity Log
  • Rights access and mangement
  • Transparency on the use of their customers’ data



PARME Compliance Box is accessible by two types of users:

  • Administrators
  • End-users


PARME Compliance Box consists of four components:

  • parme-core represents the client application that the user can access through a browser (the portal). It contains also a core engine that manages various opertations triggered by end-users and administrators.
  • parme-api is the REST API that presents the data in the database as a JSON. It can also be called by external applications that can read or write data used by PARME in the portal.
  • parme-data is a SQL database that stores all PARME manipulated and used by PARME Compliance Box.
  • several modules can by installed on PARME Compliance Box environment. For example, the systlog module allows the external applications to manipulate the data related to the activities of end-users (Activity Logs).

First access to PARME portal

PARME portal is the user’s interface granted to the administrateors and end-users to make them take advantage of PARME Compliance Box. The first access to PARME portal mus be done by the principal administrator on the PARME portal.

PARME portal is accessible from the following address: https://<parme-server>:8200/

2. Activate PARME Compliance Box

To get started, you will first need to have a license of PARME Compliance Box 7. You can then download and run the media installation tool. For more information on how to use the installation tool, see the instructions detailed in the installation and configuration documentation.

Before you install PARME Compliance Box 7, make sure your server meets the system requirements for PARME Compliance Box  7. We also recommend you to adapt your hardware compatibility to your precise use case. Please contact [email protected]. We will be pleased to provide your for your personnalized download password and activation keys.

In order to activate your PARME Compliance Box infrastructure, you need to authenticate in the portal using the admin account and go to the ” PARME Activation” . In the appearing page, you just need copy and the activation key provided by Sales Team in the key field and click on Validate.

3. Delegating administration role

Administrative role can be delegated to any user who succeeded to authenticate. Here is the following procedure:

  1. First of all, you have to authenticate to PARME portal using the main administrator or another entitled administrator
  2. Then you need to access Administration panel and select “DELEGATE OTHER ADMINISTRATOR” administration task
  3. Finally, you select the toggle button in front of the users to indicate which ones are administrator or standard user
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