Password Reset / Password Change

The Password Reset application enables an end user to reset or change a password using a self-service process. Alternatively, your organization can implement a process that requires a service desk agent to reset passwords for end users.

Password Reset processes

Users with the password_reset_admin role configure how the process of resetting a password works for an end user.

  • Self-service process: Users reset passwords over the Internet using a browser on any supported interface, including mobile devices.
  • Service desk-assisted process: A user requests the assistance of a service desk agent, over the phone or in person. Users do not reset passwords.

End-user experience of the self-service process

The following example is typical:

  1. On the login page, the user clicks the Forgot Password? link to start the process.
  1. Once the user types his username and click on CHANGE button, a link will be sent to him
  2. The Identify page opens and the user enters their identifying information (typically username or email address).
  1. PARME user self-service sends a reset password URL to the user
  2. At reception of the e-mail, the user clicks on the link integrated in the e-mail sent by PARME user self-service. On the appearing screen, he can chose his new password. He has to type the password and its verification.

Password Change feature

The Password Change feature extends the Password Reset application by letting admins define how users change their passwords. Only a self-service process is supported and an admin must publish the URL to the password change form.

  1. The user logs in to the instance and then selects the Change Password module or link from the user profile record.
  2. On the Change Password page, the user selects the credential store where the password resides.
  3. The user enters the old password and then enters and confirms a new password.
  4. Workflows validate the old password and then implement the new password.
  5. The system notifies the user that the password was changed.
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