Privacy & Consent Management

PARME Compliance Box is designed to support both digital transformation initiatives at the scale required for large consumer populations and Privacy by Design. Serving these needs together helps our customers build and maintain trusted digital relationships with their end users.

We help organizations address privacy compliance requirements, including:

  • Enabling unification and clarification of user identity information across an organization’s systems, regardless of the underlying storage technology. 
  • Providing methods for consent and data control to users.
  • Offering centralized privacy and consent management options to users.
  • Protecting personal data through pseudonymization, encryption measures, and other techniques.
  • Addressing GDPR data residency and data sovereignty requirements through fractional replication, data filtering from legacy applications, and other techniques.

Manage Consent and Give End-users Control Over Their Data

Giving users the ability to manage their own profile and privacy settings is essential for most customer-facing implementations. Not only is this a legislative requirement (for example with GDPR and CCPA), it also helps reduce customer support costs. Above all, it helps establish a closer relationship with customers because they can see exactly what personal information a company holds, and why. 

PARME portal provides a comprehensive, standards-based profile and privacy management dashboard. Users can manage their own profile details, the devices connected to their account, applications they have consented to connect to their account, how they choose to share data, and what personal data is shared with external databases, such as marketing automation platforms. It also addresses many other user requirements related to key regulations such as GDPR, including giving users the ability to save their profile data locally and the right to delete their profile.

Enable consumer-controlled data while addressing privacy regulations. The Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard builds customer trust by giving users the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences.

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