A powerful consent solution by experts in the protection of personal data

We provide a complete solution developed by our experts in the protection of personal data.

Why should you use PARME to ensure

data privacy compliance?

Compliance all over the world

With PARME, you can offer the same controls on personal data to your users worldwide, instead of favoring users in the European Union (where the GDPR actually applies).

This is important because by adopting the GDPR for the rest of the world, these large companies are helping to make this regulation a global standard.

A simple Way To Give Users Control of Data Collected About Them

Our goal is to target all the data that are collected without users’ knowing the administrations, the communities or the companies.

As any of those organization, you will be able to set up a personal data bank that gives users control over all the data collected about them. This bank allows your users to store all the data (raw and deducted) they generate. It allows the user to view, manage, control, share and monetize data.

Transparency on the use of their customers’ data

In addition to these new controls, we provide companies of all sizes with greater transparency regarding the use of their customers’ data.

Using PARME, your products will now include new and updated privacy statements that make it easier than ever to understand how you will use personal information. You will be able to show these instructions to your external users before they log in with their username or to activate new features that use their data. You will also be able to propose to your external users a simple way to give/withdraw consent.

REST API available for PARME features

Identity attributes, rights, activity, and consemement are accessible through REST API allowing you to connect PARME to your internal applications and SaaS applications.

Developers have complete freedom to adapt and integrate the features offered to the customer’s “look and feel”, always maintaining a high level of data protection.

Highly customizable user interfaces that give users’ control to the data you store on them.

A portal that allows your users manage Privacy, Activity Log, Rights and Security.

Our Plans

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  • Privacy and consent Statements
  • Identity & Privacy, Activity Log, Rights, Security
  • 5 administrators
  • 1000 users


  • Privacy and consent Statements
  • Identity & Privacy, Activity Log, Rights, Security
  • 10 administrators
  • 5000 users


  • Unlimited consent Statements
  • Unlimited features
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited users