Constent Manager (GDPR). GDPR-like regulations Compliance Made Simple.

Leverage on our powerful consent management system to prove that you comply with privacy laws and regulations such as EU GDPR.

With PARME, you can offer the same controls on personal data to your users worldwide, instead of favoring users in the European Union (where the GDPR actually applies). This is important because by adopting the GDPR for the rest of the world, these large companies are helping to make this regulation a global standard.

In addition to these new controls, we provide companies of all sizes with greater transparency regarding the use of their customers’ data. Using PARME, your products will now include new and updated privacy statements that make it easier than ever to understand how you will use personal information. You will be able to show these instructions to your external users before they log in with their username or to activate new features that use their data. You will also be able to propose to your external users a simple way to give/withdraw consent.


Audit Driver. Drive audit easily.

Drive any kind of audits using our flexible platform to gather critical data, find and fix issues, and continuously improve.


Workflow Bot. A set of automated processes.

Create easy-to-use paperless forms customized to your business, then connect your existing IT infrastructure to drive continuous improvement.


Data Streamliner. Synchronization tools that help your create a data repository.

entralize all data from multiple sources and Orchestrate how work gets done with workflow and content automation solutions.


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